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Mission Statement

We are here to serve as a resource for the safety, health and well-being for all National Interstate customers by identifying and managing risk, reducing the frequency and severity of claims, monitoring compliance and preventing complacency; through continuous education, training, consultation, communication and partnership.

About the Risk Management Team

The risk management team of specialists provides a wide range of services for many of our customers. The team can assist you with all your safety efforts including evaluating and monitoring overall safety fitness, recommending specific loss prevention strategies, and educating your team in all areas of safety regulations and practices.

Industries we service

  • Truck
  • Tow Truck
  • Community and Medical
  • Passenger
  • LP Operations - energy
  • Waste Operations
  • Ambulance
  • Crane, Rigging and Specialized Carriers

Services we offer

Risk Assessments
Safety Hotline
Consultation & Training
Safety Brakes Newsletter
Automated Event Recorders
Video Libraries
Accident Kits
Discounted Compliance

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